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Q: Do I need to have any previous experience in the martial arts or self defence?.

A: Absolutely not, The Real Combat System incorporating Krav Maga is not based on fancy moves which take years of practice yet are unlikely to be effective in a real life situation. You will learn instinctive effective self defence techniques very quickly which require no previous training or knowledge. You can start training with us at any time and you will quickly begin learning the skills you need from lesson one.

Q: Do I need to be extremely fit to join the classes ?.

A: Although a good level of fitness is a good thing to have generally and helpful in any sport or activity, you do not have to be super fit to partake in training, clearly as time goes by and you train more you will become fitter and stronger which is a good thing. If you have any concerns about your fitness/health, please consult your GP for advice before undertaking any training.

Q: Will I need any special kit ?.

A: No, apart from comfortable clothing, usually training bottoms or shorts, a t-shirt or sweatshirt and trainers no special equipment is needed. Bring along a drink with you to keep hydrated and a towel to wipe yourself down. Focus pads and kick pads are provided, however if you have your own pads, boxing or MMA style gloves then please feel free to bring these along to lessons.

Q: Is The Real Combat System suitable for females ?.

A: Absolutely YES, in fact as a father of two girls myself I would strongly encourage all females to learn self defence. You do not need to have the strength of a Super Hero to defend yourself in an attack, Real Combat System South West  is based on tried and tested simple techniques and we will teach you effective striking, blocking and breakaway techniques to free yourself from grabs and holds. Not only that, Real Combat System South West teaches avoidance and awareness which should be the first form of any self defence. 

Q: How old do I need to be ?.

A: You need to be a minimum age of 18 years old.

Q: What is the cost of lessons ?.

A: Lessons are currently £9 per session. This can be paid in class or in advance via PayPal.

If you have any specific questions not covered in the above please feel free to contact us directly via the Contact page.

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