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Terms & Conditions

By signing up to train with Real Combat System Bristol you agree to the following:

You accept that the practice of self-defence/combat arts can be strenuous and involve the risk of injury.


You confirm you are physically fit and able to partake in training sessions, and should you have any concerns regarding your fitness/health and ability to partake in training, then you will seek medical advice and not partake in any sessions if your medical advisor advises you not to.

Under General Protection Regulation (GDPR) you are happy for Real Combat System Bristol to contact you directly regarding club matters via email/text/social media details you have provided. 

You agree to your picture being taken and published on Real Combat System Bristol social media platforms. if you are not happy for this to take place then you must inform Real Combat System Bristol.

In the event of Real Combat System Bristol being unable to hold a training session then you will be offered a full refund for the cancelled lesson or a credit.


By signing your child up to the junior self defence classes you agree to and accept the following:

From time to time we may take photographs or video footage of the classes for use on promotional material or the Real Combat System Bristol (RCS Bristol) website and other Social Media Platforms. Any photographs or video footage taken of the classes will only be used by RCS Bristol and will not be shared with any third party.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions I give permission for the taking and/or publication of images of my child by the RCS Bristol in respect of the Self Defence training.  I understand that my child’s photo may be used in posters, videos, press, magazine, the internet and other publications to show people what the RCS Bristol does. I understand these will only be used by RCS Bristol

By agreeing to these terms and conditions I confirm that my child is not subject to family, care or legal proceedings.

If you DO NOT wish your child to be photographed and their picture used in anyway then you must notify us in writing by email using the contact from on the RCS Bristol website, stating your child's name.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions I confirm that I have notified the RCS Bristol of any personal preference in the use of names/pictures.


For most people physical activity should not pose any problem or hazard. This questionnaire is designed to identify the small number of students for whom physical activity might be inappropriate or those who should have medical advice concerning the type of activity most suitable for them.

Common sense is the best guide in answering these few questions. Please read them carefully and inform us before enrolling in an email of any of the questions where the answer is “yes”.

Questions to you or your child (parents please answer or ask your Childs doctor):

Has your doctor ever said that you have a joint problem, such as arthritis, that has been aggravated by exercise, or might be made worse by exercise?

Do you have high blood pressure?

Do you have low blood pressure?

Do you have Diabetes Mellitus or any other metabolic disease?

Has your doctor ever said you have raised cholesterol (serum level above 6.2 mmol/l)

Has your doctor ever said that you have a heart condition and that you should only do physical activity recommended by a doctor?

Do you ever feel pain in your chest when you do physical exercise?

Is your doctor currently prescribing you drugs or medication?

Have you ever suffered from unusual shortness of breath at rest or with mild exercise?

Is there any history of Coronary Heart Disease in your family?

Do you often feel faint, or have spells of severe dizziness, or have lost consciousness?

Do you live a sedentary lifestyle (exercise less than 3 times a week)?

Do you know of any other reason why you should not participate in a program of physical activity?


By agreeing to these terms and conditions I agree that I am happy for RCS Bristol to phone, email, text or write a letter to my home address with any matter regarding my son/daughter and their self defence training. T

I agree to ensure RCS Bristol has an up to date email address and I will update my subscription if any changes are made to physical address, phone number, medical conditions or email address. I understand that it is my responsibility and not the responsibility of the RSC Bristol to ensure I have up to date contact information. I understand that RSC Bristol will contact me via the email address I have provided.


The RCS Bristol reserves the right to refuse admission to classes to a Customer, or to eject them from the class at any point, if in the Instructors reasonable opinion the Customer: is acting in a threatening or aggressive manner; uses threatening, abusive or insulting language; appears to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs; may be a risk to the safety of club staff, students or other parents/members; may detract from the enjoyment of other Customers;  fails to comply with instructions given by the Instructors; or is found to be in breach of these terms and conditions or statutory law. This is not limited to physical behaviour but also refers to parents who are continually rude or aggressive via email/phone. No refunds will be given to Customers who are refused entry or ejected due to their behaviour as suggested in, but not limited to, the examples shown above.


Parents of children attending classes of 5-9year olds must be in attendance or in close proximity to the class so that they can deal with their child in the event of needing to. RCS Bristol instructors will not accompany children to toilets etc.

All children must be picked up by a parent or Guardian after class has finished, so parents/guardians must arrive at least 5 minutes before the end of class to ensure they are picked up on time.


During the current Covid19 crisis you must not attend any classes if you have any symptoms of Covid19 or have been in contact with anyone suspected/showing symptoms of covid19 within the last 14 days. Please click the link to the NHS website for details of symptoms and what you should do if you suspect you have Covid19:

During the crisis it is your responsibility to ensure you maintain the recommended two metre distance between other students at all times during training. If you wish to wear a face mask then it is your responsibility to provide one. You are also responsible for supplying your own hand sanitiser during training sessions.



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