Instructor Steve Scott undertook his Real Combat System Instructors training with two of Geoff Thompson's most accomplished and respected students Matty Evans and Tony Somers. Currently Steve is one of only 16 people worldwide who have achieved the qualification of a Level Two Instructor in The Real Combat System, and is a registered instructor with the British Combat Association.

Steve has a background in Boxing and Krav Maga, as well as The Real Combat System.

Steve is not just a gym trained self defence instructor, he has experienced conflict at street level professionally through door work. Steve's philosophy on self defence is that it must be simple, instinctive, effective and it must be realistic; "Violence is ugly, I hate it and my advice is always to escape if you can, however if escape is not possible and you have no other options than to defend yourself or loved ones, then in that moment you must be first, fast and ferocious until the threat is neutralised".   

"My goal is to give you the training and confidence to walk in peace, but also effectively deal with a situation should it arise"


Steve now offers personal one to one training at weekends, if you are interested in this please message Steve via the contacts page.

Instructor Steve Scott

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"Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, Do what is great while it is small"

Will Stuart is one of only sixteen level two Real Combat System instructors in the world, he qualified under the expert tutelage of Matty Evans and Tony Somers and is a registered instructor with the British Combat Association. He has an extensive background in the martial arts including boxing, judo and Krav Maga, but most importantly he brings over 35 years experience of the leisure security industry into the mix. 

Having seen on many occasions what actually works in real life combat situations at street level he is a massive advocate of reality based self defence for people that want to learn simple but extremely effective systems.

Will enjoys teaching students of all abilities to achieve their goals and bring them confidence to deal with the many challenges that they may face in life.

IInstructor Will Stuart