Real Combat System

The Real Combat System is a tried and tested real-world self-defence system. It is simple, effective and no matter what skill level or fitness level you are presently you will begin to learn key skills to defend yourself from the very first lesson.

There are no fancy complex moves which take years to learn and look great in the contest arena or on YouTube. This is proven and effective self-defence which works where it matters, on the street.

Taught by a qualified instructor in The Real Combat System and registered with The British Combat Association.

Coming to combat reguarly has really boosted my confidence -knowing that I have the skill set if I should ever need to defend myself.


One To One Private Training

Private 121 Self Defence training is available with Steve on Sundays. Training sessions last for 1 hour and are tailored to your specific needs. Only a few slots are available so please contact us directly via our contacts page to register your interest and check availability.

Steve really opened up my eyes to the realities of self protection and gave me a lot more skills to recognise and deal with dangerous situations.


Ive had such a great experience, Ive learnt so much and my fitness levels have risen. Steve and all club members made me really welcome. Its a club for all ages, im 61 and have never felt out of place.


Self Defense Training | Real Combat System Bristol
Real Combat System Bristol | British Combat Association (BCA) Registered Instructors