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Dads & Pads 

Dad & Pads Sessions are now running every Saturday Morning throughout the summer, Please get in contact via our contact page to register your interest and more details.

As men we tend to bottle things up, and when we do this and have no release these issues can build up inside and affect our mental and physical health. They become incredibly toxic to us internally.

Dads & Pads sessions give men that release through the simple but effective process of hitting pads.


Aimed at men of all ages (you dont have to be a Dad) from the age of 18+. These are not self defence sessions, these are sessions where men can get together in a safe non judgement space, hit the pads, get out that stress, anger, aggression and get the heart rate up. Thus we get the benefits of fitness also.


Dads & Pads is not about egos, posing, showing how fit or strong you are.

Dads and Pads is about a supportive environment for all men. 

The structure of the sessions will be quite informal. We will hit the pads and then sit down on the mats and chew the fat.

If something has been bugging you, stressing you, worrying or angering you, then this will be the place to get that off your chest, release and let it go and hopefully others will be able to offer advice, guidance and general words of wisdom.


We all feel stress, we all worry, we all get angry, that is just part of the human condition, the problems start when these emotions continue to be bottled up.

Remember its ok to not be okay.


If you are interested in Dads and Pads please message us via our contact page.


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